Due to the current situation caused by the coronavirus and the recent cancellation of the ILA 2020 we have decided to cancel the Fly-In as well.

The participants who have already applied will be informed about the further procedure via email.

  • The Fly-In takes place from Monday 11th May — Saturday 16th May 2020.
  • The event starts in Braunschweig on 11th May.
  • On 13th May we travel to Berlin. This journey is organised by us and included in the Participation Fee.
  • Departure is on 16th May from Berlin.
  • The Participation Fee is 100 €.
  • This includes accommodation for 5 nights, all meals (including the Final Dinner) and transportation during the event. The journey to and from the event must be organised and payed for by each participant themselves.
  • The overall number of participants is limited to 20.
  • In line with the spirit of EUROAVIA we aim to bring together students from as many different cities as possible. Therefore, in the first round of applications places will primarily be assigned based on the applicant’s AS/AM and secondarily based on the order of application.
  • After that assignment will be based on the order of application only.
  • In case there are more applications than available places, applicants are put on a waiting list in line with the rules explained above.
  • Applications from PAS/PPAS/PAM/PPAM members are subject to approval by the IB.
  • The main tutor of the event is given priority. They should apply within the first round of applications.
  • The Participation Fee must be paid by bank transfer.
  • Potential transfer fees must be covered by the participant. EUROAVIA Braunschweig should receive a total amount of 100€.
  • Cash payments are not accepted, unless the participant presents an important reason in advance. In this case EUROAVIA Brauschweig will make an individual decision on the case at hand.
  • By confirming the membership of their participant the AS/AM accepts that they are oblidged to pay the Participation or cancellation fee in case the said participant does fail to do so.
  • Please note: Time zones! 20:00 GMT = 21:00 BST = 22:00 CEST


  • Sun 01st March, 20:00 (GMT)
    First round of applications starts.
  • Sun 15th March, 22:00 (GMT)
    First round of applications ends.

The preliminary list of participants and waiting list are created. EUROAVIA Braunschweig will ask each applicant on the list of participants to pay the Participation Fee and their Local Board for confirmation of their membership.

  • Sun 29nd March, 22:00 (GMT)
    Deadline for membership confirmation and payment of Participation Fee.

If no confirmation has been received, the corresponding application will be treated as if it had been cancelled.
(i.e. the applicant is deleted from the list of participants. There is no cancellation fee at this point.)

All Local Boards are advised to send the confirmations as early as possible. This way, participants will have more time to buy flight tickets or train tickets, thus reducing costs.

In case the event has not been booked out in the first round of applications, applications continue (second round of applications).

  • Sun 03rd May, 22:00 (GMT)
    Applications close once and for all.


  • Until Sun 29th March, 22:00 (GMT)
    No cancellation fee.
  • After Sun 29th March, 22:00 (GMT)
    An applicant cancelling their application will have to pay 50 % of the total participation fee (i.e. 50 €).
  • After Sun 12th April, 22:00 (GMT)
    An applicant cancelling their application will have to pay 75 % of the total participation fee (i.e. 75 €).
  • After Sun 26th April, 22:00 (GMT)
    End of last-minute cancellations. An applicant cancelling their application after this deadline will have to pay the participation fee nonetheless (that is 100 €).

Later applications and applicants moving up from the waiting list

  • In the second round of applications each applicant has 1 week of free cancellation after EUROAVIA Braunschweig confirms their participation in the event. After that week, the cancellation fee is selected in line with the deadlines named above.
  • Applicants must also pay their Participation Fee within 1 week of their confirmation.
  • Due to the current situation caused by the Corona virus it is unclear whether the Berlin Air Show (ILA 2020) will take place as planned. We are following the official announcements.
  • In case the ILA 2020 is rescheduled or cancelled we will inform the participants about the further procedure as quickly as possible.
  • If the ILA 2020 is cancelled, we reserve the right to cancel the Fly-In 2020 as well.
  • If the ILA 2020 is rescheduled, we seek to reschedule the Fly-In accordingly. However, we still reserve the right to cancel the Fly-In 2020 completely as another option.
  • In case the Fly-In 2020 takes place in a modified form, the participants are granted a special, week-long cancellation right. Whoever cancels within this period will receive a full refund of the participation fee.
  • In case of a cancellation of the Fly-In 2020 all already paid participation fees will be refunded.
  • Apart from that no further claims can be asserted against EUROAVIA Braunschweig. Particularly, no costs arising from the cancellation of flight or train tickets etc. will be reimbursed.
  • In one of our bundles for sponsors we offer them access to the participants’ CVs. So as a participant you are asked to provide your CV in Europass PDF-format. Further information will be given in the confirmation email.
  • During the event the traditional Spirits Night will take place. Please bring a typical beverage of your home country with you.
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