Applications are closed!

General Information

  • The Formation Workshop is going to take place from 28th October – 3th November 2018
  • Participation Fee is 100 €. This includes accommodation for 6 nights, 5x dinner and the Final Dinner, 6x breakfast and 5x lunch.
  • Participants are limited to 20 people.

Application Procedure

  1. The applicant reads, understands and accepts the application rules (as stated below).
  2. The applicant fills in the application form (at the very bottom) and sends it to EUROAVIA Braunschweig by clicking the SEND button. By filling in the application form, the applicant confirms her/his participation in the event.
  3. EUROAVIA Braunschweig will ask the applicant’s AS/PAS/PPAS/AM/PAM/PPAM for a membership confirmation of the applicant. By confirming the membership, the Local Board becomes responsible of the actions of the confirmed member.
  4. The applicant pays the participation fee of 100 € to EUROAVIA Braunschweig.
  5. As soon as EUROAVIA Braunschweig receives the participation fee, the application procedure is finished and the applicant will be shown in the participants list.
  6. After the end of the event, the applicant will get a participation document. In case the applicant cancels his/her application after the cancellation deadline or does not show up at the event, his/her AS/PAS/PPAS/AM/PAM/PPAM is responsible for paying to EUROAVIA Braunschweig the deposit of the participation fee (100€).

Special Application Rules for PAS/PPAS/PAM/PPAM
Applications coming from a PAS/PPAS/PAM/PPAM member are subject to confirmation by the IB.

Assignment Rules

According to EUROAVIA’s spirit, our goal is to bring together people from as many different locations as possible. That is why vacant spots will primarily be assigned based on AS/PAS/PPAS/AM and secondarily based on the order of application, i.e. in every iteration the member of each AS/PAS/PPAS/AM who applied first will be given the spot.

Further applicants will be put on a waiting list.

This rule does not apply to the main event tutor (priority status). He should apply before this deadline.

Spots becoming available due to cancellation will be assigned to applicants on the waiting list following the same rules.

Payment Rules

EUROAVIA Braunschweig will send the payment information to the confirmed applicants. EUROAVIA Brauschweig will accept bank transfers. The transfer costs for both services should be covered by the applicant, so that EUROAVIA Braunschweig receives a total amount of 100€. EUROAVIA Braunschweig will not accept cash payments, unless participant presents a valid reason in advance, in this case EUROAVIA Brauschweig will study the case and decide on each case individually.

  • Until 23rd September, 20:00 (GMT): Cancellation at no charges.
  • After 23rd September, 20:00 (GMT): An applicant canceling their application will have to pay 50 % of the total participation fee of 100 € (that is 50 €). In case the participant does not pay, their AS/PAS/PPAS/AM will have to cover the costs.
  • After 27th September, 20:00 (GMT): An applicant canceling their application will have to pay 75 % of the total participation fee of 100 € (that is 75 €). In case the participant does not pay, their AS/PAS/PPAS/AM will have to cover the costs.
  • After 01st October, 20:00 (GMT): End of last-minute cancellations. An applicant canceling their application after this deadline will have to pay the participation fee nonetheless (that is 100 €). In case the participant does not pay, their AS/PAS/PPAS/AM will have to cover the costs.

Regardless of the above mentioned deadlines, each applicant has 1 week of free cancellation after the confirmation is received. After that week, the cancellation fee is selected according to the above periods.


Please note: We might not be able to open/close the application form exactly at the given times but applications which are sent outside of the intended time frame will be ignored.

Please also note: Time zones! 20:00 GMT = 21:00 BST = 22:00 CEST

27th August 2018, 20:00 (GMT)
The first round of applications starts. The number of participants is limited to 20 people.

16th September 2018, 22:00 (GMT)
The first round of applications ends.

Now EUROAVIA Braunschweig will make the preliminary participant and waiting list and will ask the applicants’ AS/PAS/PPAS/AM Local Board for membership confirmation.

The Local Groups have to confirm their members until the 23rd September 2018, 20:00 (GMT) . If no answer is received from them within this period, those members not confirmed will be deleted from the participant list.

All Local Boards are advised to send the confirmations as early as possible, following the participant list being published on the web page. By doing so, the participants will have more time to buy flight tickets or train tickets, thus reducing costs.

27th October 2018, 22:00 (GMT)
The last application period ends. The event starts the following day (Sun 28th October).

The participation fee has to be paid before this date, too.


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