Jan Van Baelen

Life’s a game, create your play rules!

Ever wondered on how you can „play“ your own life? Or figured out yet what your „winners“goals are? And set up a strategy to „rule the game“?

I’m Jan and one year ago I had not even thought about these topics myself. Until I took part in the Formation Workshop (FoWo) last year where a spark caught me. Later on, I joined the Train New Trainers (TNT) and became an official EUROAVIA trainer myself. This year, I’m more than eager to help you on the way in writing your play rules!

Gunnar Quante

What is fun to us, is what we are good in and vice versa…

I am convinced that this statement is true for all of us. That’s why I believe that the key to success is to do what makes us fun. By delivering training sessions at this year’s FoWo I would like to help you to create your play-rules for life that will keep you not just entertained but rather fulfilled.

Johannes Brommer

That´s me presenting at FoWo 2015, an event that changed my life. It was the first time I realized what my strenghts are and how I can use them to change the world! Now I would like to invite you to join the FoWo 2018 in Braunschweig and create your play-rules.

Razvan Patcas

You and I strive to improve every day. All that effort, all those dreams and all our targets sometimes only make us feel that we are not good enough.
FoWo has always provided a cure for my insecurities, this year you can find yours too.
When we surround ourselves with people having similar perspectives, fears and values, we find the courage to accept the negative and open our inner pressure release valve. Our ideas may not pop as bold and creative as Elon Musk’s, and that’s okay. Our speech may not be as clear and motivating as Anthony Robbins, and that’s okay. All our faults and all our virtues melt together to create an open field where we start to strive for the potential that is outside, rather than for the obstacles on the inside. Because not all those who wander are lost and in order to reach something, you have to walk the walk.
So come as you are, bring your unique spark of value to light the fire that will burn our fear away!