Formation Workshop 2018

Welcome to the FoWo 2018 web page, here you will find all relevant information about this event, which will take place in Braunschweig, Germany, from 28th October to 3rd November 2018.

“Life’s a game, create your own rules!”

Did you ever ask yourself, what “kind” of person you are? Do you have values you would stand up and fight for? What are your life’s goals?

This question can even be more difficult than advanced thermo- or aerodynamics. We usually spend months, if not years, to learn the fluid dynamics of a jet engine or why the airflow around a wing separates above a critical angle of attack. But we rarely dedicate time to figure out the forces that make us the individuals we are.

This year’s Formation Workshop (FoWo) will be the event where you can find time for this. Supported by four experienced EUROAVIA trainers, you can learn about yourself, learn tools to reach your life’s goals and you can dedicate time to create a vision of your future self.

Does that sound (at least) as interesting as jet engines and aerodynamics? Then apply now! for further questions, feel free to contact us via

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The event takes place in the city of Braunschweig

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You are going to stay in the Braunschweig Youth Hostel.

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